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Unleash your scientific creativity

YouWol Platform
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Leverage your research and innovations

YouWol is a collaborative online platform designed specifically for engineers and scientists from both the industry and academic worlds. The heart of YouWol is based on its web capabilities, its graphical flow programming and programming tools, its efficient 2D and 3D visualizations, as well as its expendability, for fast prototyping and development of professional applications in a cross-industrial environment, drastically decreasing the time to market.


Share and collaborate worldwide

YouWol will be the next generation network, where users and creators of science and engineering technology and tools could meet, collaborate, and share their knowledge. The WolStore will allow them not only to share creations and studies but also to publish and monetize their modules and applications in a secure manner, with all the YouWol users worldwide. 

VR Headset

Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies

You will connect your C++, JavaScript or Python algorithms to the YouWol Platform and take advantage of the available artificial intelligence (AI) and 2D/3D visualization modules from others, which will be shared through the Wol-Store as well as the built-in modules such as numerical codes or virtual reality options.

YouWol Platform Key Features

YouWol Platform

anyhow, anytime, anywhere

YouWol Platform could be used on any browsers, any operating systems, any devices and linked to any servers or any of the major cloud systems (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud).



With the YouWol Platform one could create applications using graphical programming and an auto-generated GUI. One will not need to be a developer to create professional applications.




With the YouWol Platform heavy computing could be done as back-end processes. Back-end modules will be auto-scaled, designed for distributed computing. 


2D and 3D scientific visualization & analysis tools

YouWol Platform will provide an extendable set of next-generation 2D and 3D scientific visualization options as well as analysis tools such plots and graphs.




YouWol Platform will come with simplified coding languages such as Javascript and Python that will allow creating full application with less code.


Security &

data management

The YouWol Platform will require authenticated access, which could be synchronized with corporate LDAP / ActiveDirectory. Users data will be isolated, accessible by their owners only.




We are harnessing the latest available technologies to develop a product that will be intuitive, easy to use and will provides endless possibilities.


Develop processes

in any languages

One could easily integrate the YouWol Platform with existing processes coded in almost any programming language (R, Matlab, Python, C, C++, Fortran, Javascript, etc.).


Collaborate &


The YouWol Platform is also a network that will allow you to collaborate and share your work, your research and developed modules with your colleagues worldwide.

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