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About YouWol

The Genesis of YouWol

YouWol is based in France, and is the brain child of Dr. Frantz Maerten and Dr. Laurent Maerten. 
They sought to create a development environment for scientists that helps to build innovative applications at a minimum cost, with little to no programming knowledge.
By bringing together the latest advances in cloud technology and graphics the YouWol Platform was created, a web-based integrated platform for everyone!

About YouWol Founders

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Frantz and Laurent Maerten (1977)

YouWol’s founders, Dr. Frantz Maerten and Dr. Laurent Maerten, graduated from Montpellier University (France) and Stanford University (USA). They have previously founded the IGEOSS Company and have worked for Schlumberger for 9 years. They have been extensively involved in the development of numerical techniques and tools for evaluating and modelling geological structures in complex structural and stratigraphic environments.

Some of their innovative technologies include forward stress modeling around faults and salt bodies, as well as 2D/3D restoration tools. They are the inventors of Dynel2D and Dynel3D geomechanically-based restoration tools, as well as Poly3D/iBem3D and NFP forward deformation and stress modeling technique incorporating geomechanical stress inversion.

Between them they have amassed more than 15 patents and patent applications, they have presented at over 50 conferences, published over 30 peer reviewed papers, and completed over 40 comprehensive industry reports.

Today, they are fulfilling a wish to be more involved in R&D and create a lasting impact for scientists and engineers worldwide by developing the YouWol Platform.

YouWol team


Frantz Maerten

CEO, R&D Director and Developer

  • Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the University of Montpellier (France) and Stanford University (USA)

  • Main expertise in geophysics, numerical codes and optimization, C++ programming

  • Stanford University, IGEOSS, Terinov, Schlumberger

  • In charge of the R&D and the development of Arche, Cassini and 3D visualization


Laurent Maerten

President, Geoscience Business Manager and Consultant

  • Ph.D. in Quantitative Structural Geology from Stanford University (USA)

  • Main expertise in structural geology, geomechanics and natural fractures

  • Stanford University, French Petroleum Institute, IGEOSS, Schlumberger

  • In charge of client relationship, testing, consulting and training

Guillaume Reinisch

Full-stack Platform Developer

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Bordeaux 1 University (France)

  • Main expertise in quantum chemistry, molecular statistical physics, scientific computing

  • UT Austin, Nasa AMES, Schlumberger

  • In charge of YouWol Platform full-stack development


Yannick Guyomar

Back-end Platform Architect and Developer

  • Master from Ecole spéciale de Mécanique et d'Electricité (France)

  • Main expertise in micro-services and Kubernetes

  • Visionic, Netia, Schlumberger, Quantum Surgical

  • In charge of YouWol Platform back-end services and architecture


Srujana Govindaraju

Marketing and Communication Strategy

  • Masters in Chemistry and Enterprise, from the University of Manchester (UK)

  • Areas of expertise include Market Research, Commercialisation Strategies, Operations and Process Improvement, Training and Quality, Customer Service and Member Relations

  • UoM, Inventya, SEP Ltd., The Tutor Trust, Teleperformance, Voyage Privé

  • In charge of marketing and communication strategy


Philippe Khemili

Financial and administrative strategy

  • Masters in Business Management and Administration (France)

  • Areas of expertise include taxation, investment, banking and financial laws

  • Médecins sans frontière, Médecins du Monde, Groupe CELR, Groupe Vanadis

  • In charge of YouWol financial and administrative tasks