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R&D is our core activity

YouWol R&D

The selected technologies, tools and research topics listed below are ongoing projects.

For technologies and R&D related to Geoscience, please go to the YouWol Geoscience pages here.

Selected Technologies and Tools


Analysis Tools


We are developing a series of 2D and 3D tools for scientific analysis and visualization dedicated to different fields of science. It includes plots and graphs as well as 3D representation of data, models and simulation results.



We are developing a series of innovative tools that allows the user to create applications with no or reduced coding. It includes graphical programming and an auto-generated GUI. This will allows users to develop and create professional applications. without being a developer.



We are exploring the problem of model optimization: providing observed quantities, how can we infer model parameters and assess uncertainties. We are investigating two main strategies: (i) Bayesian optimisation, when physical based models are applicable and (ii), deep learning for model that cannot easily be described by physical laws.

Research & Collaborations

We believe that collaborations lead to better ideas and ultimately better products that will benefit everyone. With this core belief we aim to collaborate with research groups, universities and our customers on different aspects of the YouWol platform.

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