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YouWol Services

We provide two main services:

  • GeoStream: With 25 years of expertise in Geosciences, we can help you. Consulting services are available now, so please contact us

  • WolStream: Services related to the YouWol Platform will be available when the Beta version of the Platform is released during the first half of 2021.




Our team of expert geologists provides consultancy and specialized services in structural geology using the in-house YouWol technologies for:

  • Structure interpretation and validation

  • Natural fracture modeling

  • Basin structure evolution over time


YouWol scientific experts provide consultancy and specialized services in geomechanics using the in-house YouWol technologies for:

  • Modeling salt related stress field

  • Fracture reactivation modeling

  • Modeling fault related stress field

3D Model


YouWol geoscientists provide consultancy and specialized services in geomodeling using the in-house YouWol technologies for:

  • 3D model building

  • Model remeshing

  • 3D gridding




Our scientific and engineering teams will provide services for the development and integration of specific solutions in the YouWol Platform.



If you need computer science experts for integrating your technologies within the YouWol Platform, we have experts in software development who can help.

Training &


YouWol team will provide training to teach you how to use the YouWol Platform and YouWol modules to get the best of it as fast as possible.

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