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Joint inversion of tectonic stress and magma pressures using dyke trajectories

F. Maerten, L. Maerten, R. Plateaux & P. H. Cornard

(doi: 10.1017/S001675682200067X)

The application, which has been built with the YouWol Platform, allows you to change the mechanical parameters of the 3D numerical model of the Galapagos Islands (chapter 3b of the paper) and visualize the results instantly.

The application works:

  • under Windows, Linux, MacOS and Androïd

  • on any devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

  • on any browsers (except IE)

Important notice:

1. So far the application does not work on iOS operating system.

2. The application is not yet optimally designed for smartphones.

3. You need to wait few seconds so the data of the application is fully loaded.

4. Please report any problems to

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